A little bit about me

OK, I have not done a blog since.. hmm.. grade 7? But it has really started getting my attention in the last year. So I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself. I graduated from High School and did not know what I should choose in college so I just didn’t go. My reasoning for that was – why go and then change my mind half  way and waste all that money. So I entered the working field and then a couple years later I met my husband. We had a fast start which I believe contributed to a lot of our arguments after marriage. Almost two years after our wedding day I gave birth to the most cutest little boy. It was not easy picking a name for him. I had lists of names that I liked and my husband would disagree with every name. It took all nine months for a name to be agreed upon for my son. I also have a chihuahua-terrier and a black and brown farm cat with no tail.

My wishful career choices have varied greatly since I graduated High School. When I left I had three different options on my mind: interior design, architecture, and hairstylist. Once I was married I wanted to be a hairstylist again and considered going to college for it but we did not have the money. Then my son came along and everything became very busy. I wanted to become a photographer and even started doing favors for friends and family but as a new photographer it is hard to really keep your name out there. After my son’s first birthday work really slowed down to the point of lay-off and I decided to take that chance and go to college. The private college atmosphere really intrigued me because of the student to teacher ratio so I decided to go to a private college in Windsor. I am currently taking Medical Office Administration and if you wonder why I chose it I will tell you honestly: it was the only one on the list that I thought I could do. So far I am loving the coarse, the people, my teachers, even what we are learning everyday and I highly recommend taking medical office admin. And I am passing, Woo Hoo! I honestly thought that because I had forgotten most of what I learned in High School, that I would be too dumb to go to college but everyday I am surprising myself.

I still love photography and I am still hoping to obtain more clients. Once I have graduated and established myself in the administration field I want to go back to school and take a course to better improve my photography. The reason why I started photography, besides always wanting to be behind the camera, was that good photographers are expensive! Especially for people like me and my husband who never seem to have extra money. We had booked an amazing photographer but when the wedding day came closer we had to cancel her due to all the expenses a wedding throws your way. So I had an uncle of mine do our photo’s on my wedding day, which turned out ok, but it had always been a wish of mine to have awesome wedding photos and I decided afterwards that I was going to try targeting the future brides and grooms out there and give them a chance at having great wedding photos for a reasonable price. (My supper is starting to really smell good from the oven)

I am making, in one of those oval black oven dishes with a lid and I completely forget what it is called right now, a layer of diced sweet potatoes on the bottom, with yellow bell pepper, onions, chicken stock, and then marinated chicken thighs on top with chopped garlic and original barbecue sauce. There’s no proper name for it, just whatever I have in the fridge but Mm Mm Mm it’s going to be good. And I’m slow cooking it so… 🙂

Here is the finished product, doesn’t it look delicious!


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