A Photographer’s Dream Snow Fall


As I looked out the window this morning I saw the most beautiful snow fall. I desperately wanted to grab my camera, call a friend and set up a photo shoot in the snow. As some of you know, I live in the middle of nowhere and most people are still sleeping at the time me and my son have already finished breakfast, started on the laundry, and about to get some dishes done. I still did my photo shoot, and the best candidate for my model and someone who can come with me at the drop of a hat and asap is none other than my very handsome son.

I quickly grabbed my jacket and started the car. I bundled myself up, put snow pants on my son and all the other winter gear a small person needs, grabbed my Nikon camera and headed to Wheatley. The first place that I thought of when I decided to go out and photograph was Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley. It has many beautiful trails and bridges; I still have not fully explored all 85 acres.


I decided to use my 50mm F1.8 with a hood so that the snow would not be hitting the lens.


Why is a heavy snow fall a photographer’s dream snow? Because when you take pictures like these you can clearly see the snowflakes in the pictures and paired up with these beautiful towering trees it is magical.



My son Jordan LOVES being outside. Last summer we were outside very often and when it became too cold Jordan would stand at the door and cry because he loves the outdoors just as much as me. When he gets a chance to be outside he just loves it and you can tell by the big smile on his face. It is a win win for me, I get to do a photo shoot in the snow and he gets to be outside. (sigh) Happy baby, happy mamma.





One of my favorite places in the world is in a forest. I love the towering trees, the green leaves (in the summer) and how they come back to life every year. To me there is just so much life in a forest no matter which season it is.


Being a creative person I also love to takes photos of details that I find and different angles that are unique and make the picture unique. Being able to have different perspectives while photographing adds variety and creativity to your portfolio.




Your take on how you view the world around you is what makes you YOU and allows you to stand out from the rest. Be unique, be confident in your strengths and be you.




I love not having to work on days like this and enjoy the winter that is coming to an end. This coming Monday the 20th of March with be the first day of spring. Now we all know spring can have its own mood swings but it is one season closer to summer. 😉

This June 25th is Two Creek’s 25th Anniversary and they will be celebrating with music, vendors, food, refreshments from 1:00pm until 8:30pm. Thank you to all the people who maintain this beautiful conservation and please show your support by coming out June 25th. You can read more about it here: http://www.twocreeks.ca


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