When you hear the 3 dreaded words, “Mom, I’m Bored”



As a mother of a 1 year and 8 month old boy, I have not heard the “I’m bored” line yet but I can see his frustration as he looks around almost physically expressing “I’m tired of everything I have”. And I have turned to Pinterest for some very helpful and quick ideas that I am going to share with you. Some of them I have tried already and there are many more I still want to do.




Painting with water has been something I have done with my son Jordan. I feel painting with water is a great way to introduce painting to a young person. For several months now, every time he wants to play with his paint brushes I take out colored paper, dollar store paint brushes, and a glass of water. When he paints on the colored paper it becomes darker where the water hits making it look like paint. I used water because: 1) I did not want to clean up a big mess, since he did not have full hand-to-eye coordination yet and 2) he didn’t understand what painting was yet either.




A great project that is both creative and delicious is building sculptures using grapes and toothpicks. This one is next on my list of things to do with my son. You can make any kind of sculpture, from towers to shapes, and animals to stick figures. This allows your child to show his or her creativity and use their imagination.



There is nothing I enjoy more than doing activities that cost me no money at all. Many of these involve warm weather so what do you do when you are in the winter-spring season like I am? The top 10 activities that I enjoy doing in this slushy, muddy season, in which it rains one day and snows the next are:

  1. Go skating at an indoor arena
  2. Take silly photos together
  3. Make an indoor obstacle course
  4.  Color or paint
  5. Read books together
  6. Go to the library
  7. Movie night
  8. Watch YouTube videos of what interests your child the most, for mine it’s airplanes, rockets, and animal noises
  9. Go to Dollarama and buy some DIY crafts and glow-sticks
  10. Dance to music and run around the house
  11. BONUS: Try a new restaurant as a family for some adventure




A great way to keep track of all your ideas that you may have is to type/write it, cut them out and place them in a jar. You could even make four separate jars for each season: winter, spring, summer and fall. Being a person who loves to keep everything organized, I would make the four separate jars for each season and maybe put little bonus’ in the jars. Example: in the summer jar I might put “skating at arena” because who says you have to skate only in the winter and it is a great way to cool down, and in the winter jar I might add “indoor water park with friends” to temporarily get rid of your child’s winter blues.








Finger puppets are great because you can make any animal. From giraffes to sheep, lions to dogs, and alligators to spiders. If you have the time (and energy) you could make an animal for each letter of the alphabet. You could even make up your own creatures like, a fish with legs, monsters, four-legged aliens, a duck with a squirrel tail, or ask your child which two or three animals they want to combine together.






If your child is old enough to understand a scavenger hunt or a game of “I Spy” you could make it more interesting by using binoculars. All you have to do is save your toilet paper tubes and tape them together or save paper towel tubes to make a telescope. If your child wants to, you can let them decorate their own binocular or telescope with paint, string, glue and sparkles, or anything else you might have. If you don’t know what to search for in your home you could take a walk around each room and write things down before you tell your children about this game (so they don’t bombard you with questions and attack you haha).



My first thought, when I saw this photo was, “this is such a great idea for kids when they want to experiment cutting their own hair!” (because when I was younger I tried to give myself bangs :\ ) If your child does not know how to safely use scissors then I suggest you allow them to draw on the face and you cut the hair for them. While making them, you could explain to your children how much a scissor can impact your hairstyle if you cut your hair yourself. It might take that urge away of wanting to cut their own hair one day.




Here is a list of mostly summer activities that I am throwing in here because summer comes faster than we realize. And sometimes, when your children are out on summer break it can sometimes be overwhelming.

The top five activities that I am excited to do with my son this summer are:

  1. Go to a park with a splash-pad
  2. Show him fireflies
  3. Go to the beach
  4. Go out for ice cream
  5. Pick strawberries and blueberries and eat to our hearts content


My idea for the picture below is, when my son is older, I will allow him to pick two holidays in each month, from January to December, that he wants to celebrate every year. I am sharing this with you because maybe you would like to do this too, and it doesn’t have to be two every month, you can choose as many or as few as you want to celebrate for the whole year.




Now I know our children are going to throw a few fits in during the year I found this to be a great list to go through for my own son. This can be for new parents or old parents who aren’t sure how to handle your child’s tantrums/fits or just need some new ideas.  Sometimes all my son needs is to sit on my lap and I read him a book or help him concentrate on breathing while slowly counting to 10. Remember, how you handle a stressful situation is what your child see’s and learns.



And we all know that sometimes us moms just.need.a.break. Can I get an Amen! We need to take care of ourselves so that we feel sane enough to take care of our little people. So I have added a list activities to do when you have the day to yourself or even just a couple of hours.


My favorite things to do when I have free time are:

  1. Take a nap, if I haven’t slept well
  2. Try a new restaurant with friends (just be around people my own age no matter what we’re doing already helps)
  3. Finish that episode that I’ve wanted to finish for days/weeks now (right now I’m watching “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, yes it’s old but I love it [and shh I’ve never watched it before])
  4. Go for a walk or bike ride
  5. Take a bath without being interrupted
  6. Get a massage or ask for one from spouse
  7. Clean what needed cleaning five months ago haha


The next time your child(ren) come up to you and say they’re bored now you will have an idea or a couple of ideas of what to do. Take the time to enjoy your child(ren) because they won’t stay this young forever. Make memories, stay calm, make sure you drink enough water, don’t forget to eat and be an example to your child(ren). Love you guys, hope this blog will help you this year or give you a few ideas that you haven’t thought of. ❤


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