Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time for ties and gift cards?

No, it is much more. It is time to reflect on your father you have in your life, whether he is a good father, great father, or bad father. Whether he is in your life, left or has died. He helped make you and now you are here.

I have been blessed with a good dad. He taught me to work hard and save money. I wasn’t that great at saving money but everything I did and everywhere I have worked I have always worked hard and tried my best. Another thing my dad taught me is to never give up and to always finish what you have started.

Yes, I didn’t make a blog about my mom for Mother’s Day, I didn’t think about it but she did get lots of love and an awesome gift from yours truly ­čÖé

Growing up I used to make those ties in school, you know, the drawings or the crafts and then give them to our dads on Father’s Day, and growing up I may have bought a real tie or two. Why ties? Because at one point in time, and there still are some today, but men used to be gentlemen. According to Google, a gentleman is “a┬áchivalrous, courteous, or honorable man”. A man with integrity. A man who says what he means and means what he says. A man who does what is right even when no one is around. But if your dad is like mine, the ties never get worn and the crafts eventually disappear. It’s just life and he was never a “tie guy” to begin with.

I still remember my dad teaching me to ride a bicycle. I fell and he helped me up, encouraged me to keep trying and to never give up. I remember when I was practicing to do a front flip on our trampoline and he always told me to keep trying, that practice makes perfect and to never give up. I practiced piano for many years and almost every time I practiced at home my dad would sit beside the piano and listen to me, all my mistakes, all my frustration when I couldn’t get it right and he would tell me that I was doing great!

My dad is getting older every year and I know I can’t have him forever but one thing I can have forever is our memories. Our times together. And he has passed down his love for me to my son. My dad is so great with him. When I needed someone to babysit my son on Thursdays while my mom works he stepped up and took care of the diaper changes (which he was uncomfortable with at first), the nap times, and all the messes and laughs that come from babysitting a toddler.

I very much appreciate my dad, and I have so much more in my head that I want to say but because I am inarticulate it is difficult for me to organize all my thoughts and word sentences the way I want them worded or express myself clearly. But the point I really want to come across is that I am thankful I have a dad and my family and my son can spend time with him for another year.

Love you dad! The first three are my dad with my son. The second set of three are me as a baby with my dad.

Also a big, warm Happy Fathers Day to my husband, this is is second Father’s Day. Our son is lucky to have you in his life and to learn beside you as you teach him everything you know. Love You!

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