It’s your move

This is not photography related and I might actually change my page and domain name to something different because I feel that I am being lead on a different path.

This is what I want to share with you.

I want you all to understand this.

It is your move.

I’ll start out by asking if you understand the game of chess. First one person makes a move and then the opponent makes the second move and it will go back and forth as such. Now, if i made 2 consecutive moves would that be wrong?

Yes, it is against the rules.

God made his move by placing his son, Jesus, on the earth to free us from our bondage/sin and give us eternal life.

Now it is your move.

He made the first move. What is keeping you from making yours?

If you know Jesus as anything besides love then you do not know Him.

If you believe that you will go to heaven by your own works then you do not know Him.

He is waiting for your move.
Jesus loves you and loves you even when you don’t feel worthy of love, even when you feel too dirty, even when you feel you don’t deserve it, even when you feel like you have messed up too many times and think that He has turned His face away from you.


It’s your move

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