Are You Hungry?

These are some videos that have really made me want to be different and want to be changed.

The man in these videos is Todd White, who is an amazing man of God and the only reason he is that way is that he believes that he is a child of God and he lives in that everyday.

Todd very clearly wants other people to know that he is not a preacher, evangelist, or prophet but that he is a Christian and this is what a Christ-ian (how he says it) should act like. One who knows his/her value in the Father and believes that what is in the Bible is true, and not just true 2,000+ years ago, but also true today.

He is the real deal and the way he teaches and shares God’s word has really caused me to want to pursue Jesus more.

Oh start a fire in my soul, fan the flame and make it grow. For there’s no doubt or denying. Let it burn so brightly, that everyone around can see, that it’s You, that it’s You that we need. Start a fire in me! Jesus.

I hope this encourages you and that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and press things on your heart today.

Love you all but Jesus loves you way more!

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