Hi everyone,
I’m writing you with a huge sense of the Father’s delight for His children. His love for us is so overwhelming . . . exceeding . . . abundant. It’s incomparable to any love we have experienced from any earthly being.
I know many of you didn’t receive the adoration from your earthly parents Maybe you were rejected often or even abandoned.
But I have the MOST amazing news!! Your Father in heaven has never left you a moment of your life! He delights in you—without doing a single thing to earn it. His love is a constant force — unwavering and independent of anything you could ever do. His decision about you hasn’t changed and it NEVER WILL.
Recently, I was watching my daughter Destiny dance with her team of dancers in Dallas. I was totally blessed. I was a proud papa watching her dance. My love and delight overflowed from my eyes as tears streamed from my eyes. In this moment, I realized how much our Father in heaven watches uswith great affection. He adores us—and ohhhh, the joy He experiences when we come into His presence!! He loves when we come into His presence. His eyes sparkle, and He opens His arms and embraces us.
And you know what the amazing part is? Even if you’ve messed up 1,000 times and even if you’ve turned and walked away from Him…when you come back and say ‘YES,’ He rejoices!!
If you’ve walked away, TURN BACK! Your Father is waiting with open arms. Every day, His mercies are NEW . . . He Loves you and will never, ever forsake you!
I love you,
Todd White
If you guys don’t know who Todd White is I highly recommend looking him up.

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