I am a 25 year old female from Ontario Canada. I go by the title Mom, Wife, Nurse, Cook, Maid, Counsellor, Cheerleader, Referee, and many more that I cannot think of right now.

My family always provided a conservative christian environment for me and my siblings as we grew up. I learned of Jesus at a very young age and accepted Him to live in me but at such a young age I never understood repentance and I didn’t become baptized until my late teenage years.



Growing up in my home church there was very much a growing presence of the spirit of religion and performance, and celebrating tradition. Fear of speaking out and doing the word and being the very word we believed in was also very present.

I became baptized in my late teenage years after a few weeks of being in a “christian life class”, which is not biblical nor did we learn the actual original christian life. I struggled a lot because I was living in sin with my soon to be husband. We became married and continued to struggle, both in our marriage and me in my faith.

After I had my son, having the added responsibilities and other lovely things that come with having a baby, like not sleeping, I started to give in to the ehaustion and discouragement and I gave up. With the continued struggles in our marriage that just never seemed to go away … I gave up. On him. On our marriage. And on God.

That was the lowest point of my life.

But then Jesus

So we split up and me and my son were living with my parents. After a couple weeks and I decided to give God another shot. I randomly opened my Bible and it opened to the potter and the clay. God was telling me that He was breaking me for a purpose. I was not turning out how He wanted me to be and I was not turning out how I wanted me to be. It was then that I gave complete trust to my Father.



Through a very good friend of mine God spoke to me and basically told me that as a christian I shouldn’t be the first one to leave the marriage and that I needed to reconcile what had been broken.

We got back together but the marriage issues and now extreme emotional and mental issues were also very present. At times I thought it would have been easier to have stayed separated but I am always reminded that living a godly life was never supposed to be easy.




I was always hungry for more. I left my home church and me and my son started at a different one where I could see the Holy Spirit moving in that church and I wanted to be a part of it. But I was still hungry.

The same close friend, who God very often speaks to me through her, told me about Torben Sondergaurd and Todd White. That was a revelation for me and it all made sense. People going out and being the living body of Christ! I was soo excited!

After a few months of just devouring all of their videos on YouTube I had to find some people who did this in my area. That’s when I found Windsor On Fire.

This year, 2018, has started out with such a great big explosion of Jesus that I am exstatic about what He will do for the rest of this year and years to come!

My story has only begun 🙂

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